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Wood Patio Covers Have An Authentic Feel. Hard to describe, but it's there…

Wood Patio Covers

Pros and Cons of Wood Vs. Aluminum Patio Covers

The Look and Feel of Real Wood? (Wood Yes, Aluminum Not!)
Wood provides a warm authentic ambience that aluminum just doesn’t give off.

Continuity With The Rest Of Your House? (Wood Yes, Aluminum Not!)
Your Mission Viejo home is built of wood and has exposed wood trim and fascia board. A continuation of same or similar materials and textures throughout your home promotes a balanced uniformity.

Expense? (About The Same.)
A wood patio cover is about 1.5 times the cost of aluminum and especially if it is crafted, waterproofed and painted properly.

Maintenance and longevity? (With Our Techniques, About The Same.)
Wood Patio Covers require painting and last about 20 years. However, if our unique waterproofing techniques are used, maintenance is greatly reduced.

Appearance? (No Comparison! Nothing Beets Wood!)
The use of rough sawn wood adds a beautiful woodgrain texture within the painted surface.

We pre-paint all lumber including saw cuts prior to installation, so there's never a wood on wood connection which will cause water to permeate into the wood and cause mold, fungus and dry rot.