Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Mission Viejo
Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas and Pergolas Mission Viejo.
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Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Mission Viejo with Blue Knight:

Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas Mission Viejo

Pergola/Patio Cover Repair

Although a wood Pergola/Patio Cover can last many years, it can also require maintenance and repairs if it was poorly constructed with interior framing techniques.

If yours falls under this category, it is possible for us repair the wood, but also correct some of the original construction flaws and prolong its life.

Such repairs might include replacing: Slats, Rafters, Headers, Posts and/or decorative bases, Knee Braces, Etc.

If all you need is slats replaced, we can apply/install a special treatment on top of rafters before the slats go down. This will protect your rafters from needing paint or reairs for a long time to come.

• We paint all new wood prior to installation to eliminate wood on wood connections.

• If your Pergola/Patio Cover qualifies (does not have peeling paint), we can give you a quote for painting the whole structure while we are performing repairs.