Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Mission Viejo
Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas and Pergolas Mission Viejo.
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Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Mission Viejo with Blue Knight:

Patio Covers and Pergolas Mission Viejo Patio Covers and Pergolas Mission Viejo Patio Covers and Pergolas Mission Viejo Patio Covers and Pergolas Mission Viejo

Patio Cover and Pergola Images Mission Viejo

Pergola/Patio Covers procedure by BLUE KNIGHT CONSTRUCTION: 

• Order or Pick up Wood:
It's nice to order corbels milled but you run the risk of lumber with flaws.

• Wood: Ledger, Rafters, Headers, Posts, Lattice (2.5 x rafter length),

• Hardware & Materials to pick up: Post bases (common 6x6), Paint (Behr Markey),

• Hardware:
•Lags: (3/8 x 6"), (1/2" x 8"), (1/2 x 10"), (5/8" x 7")
• Bolts: 3/4 x 11",
• All-thread: 5/8",
• 5/8" red heads,
• Screws: 3" deck screws, Timberlocks (6", 8"), Hanger 1 1/2",

Drill Bits: (18" & 5") For metal:      – 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8". (Holes- one size bigger that bolts.)
For masonry: --1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8".
Hole bit: -- 1", 1 ½", 2".

• Caulking:
Liquid Nails (flexible), Alex plus white, 100% clear Silicone.

• Blades:
Never buy, get from Joe!!   Circ Saw, Multi-tool, Sawzall.

• (A-Frame, 6', 8') (extension, 8').

• Paint Stuff: Paint rails, plastic and paint tools, large and runner tarps, plastic, rags, stackable buckets with lids, 1 1/4" naps, ½" mini-naps, Slant mini-roller frame, 1" blue tape, Paint thinner,

• Tools:
• Laser, Plywood square, usual stuff,

• Bring:
• Beam saw, Band Saw,

• Beginning Notes:
• Demo and haul away old patio cover.
• Clean up every day!!

• Painting:
• Driveway plastic (6 mill).
• 1 ¼" nap and pole.
• Metal paint rails.
• Runner tarps for pathways!
• Bucket of water and rag!
• Paint/Roll till you have 2 coats.

• Take note of house features such as windows and align posts accordingly.
• Mark wall two end posts first.
• Find squares by laser or 3,4,5 method (plywood).
• Paint bottoms very good!!.
• Use Simpson bases #ABA66 (6x6 smooth).
• Saw cut ¼" x2" of bottom to accommodate smaller post base.
• !!Place bad wood facing away from windows and important areas, get new posts if necessary!!
• Install on existing slab when appropriate. Re-pour new footings in planters and lawn (raised 6-8" above ground).

• Post Trim:
• Make 2x6x12".
• Glue & Screw with 3" deck screws.
• Caulk tops and sides (one day prior to paint!). Thick beautiful bead.

• Ledger:
• (3/8" x 6" lags), in studs or rim joists, no spinners, I will check.

Sequence for Studs:
1. Find studs with test holes, 1/8 masonry bit.
2. Mark on stucco above where Ledger will go.
3. Use 1/2" wood bit with bit-stop prior to hitting stucco.
4. Use 1/2" x 6" masonry bit to breakthrough the stucco.
5. Use 1/4" bit with bit-stop at 6".
6. Use 3/8 x 6" lags.

Sequence for Rim Joist (2 story floor area):
1. Pre-drill Ledger at 16 inches OC staggered.
2. Hold Ledger in place and drill half inch masonry bit and pre-drilled holes.
3. Follow up with quarter inch by 6 in regular bit into wood rim joist.
4. Again use 3/8" x 6" lags.

• Header:
• Inverse (top of rafters)
• Supporting: (Below Rafters)
• Use single 4x?
• Precut corbels.
• Should hang over about 12 to 18" each side.

• Find level from ledger with laser.
• Set temp support on posts 1-2" lower than ledger.
• Crown up
• Cut to length. Cut corbels on ground.
• Install Simpson hangers on ledger prior to install (1 ½" Simson hanger screws).
• If Mini-posts are used, cut and chamfer (6" above and below top header and bottom of joists) and have ready.
•Set joists on temp header support, install at ledger first.
• Set metal before bolting joists to posts. Center and tack, not glue.
• Set main rafters at main posts. (3/4' through bolts) 2 per post/rafter connection.
• Main Posts and Rafters should already be square with house wall.
• Gun nail, have helper install bolts later. Do not waste time on perfection!! If you get off, make up the difference on the next few. Posts should be more accurate.

• Knee Braces:
• 4' tip to tip, will work on all. (45deg cut, ½" lags @ bottoms, 1/2" through-bolts x 2 @ tops.)
• Slight hole bit just to square.
• Large Glob caulk at bottom of V.

• Lattice:
• 2x3 on flat, self-spaced.
• Use two guy and 2 guns.
• Haul ass, don't get bogged down on perfection. Measure distance to header occasionally and stay within ½" to 1" until you get closer.
• Try to set gun so that nail head does not countersink. Use ring shank nails.

•Ledger Metal:
• Use 4" coping at wall covering 1st piece if lattice.
• Make thick bead of (100% clear silicone) caulk at wall.

• Caulking:
Ask me or Gio!
• (Alex plus acrylic) - Knee brace V, nail holes throughout, tops of lattice if nails are countersunk.
• (Clear silicone) - Top of ledger.

•Last details:
•Touch up all with paint. Fast!!
• If tarps are wet, bring them to me, I will dry them out.

•When caulking use gloves, put a blob of Alex-Plus in left hand and apply with 1.5" putty knife.
•???Wet paint hack: In a pinch, when you need to fasten wood to wood, and you can't paint and dry in time, use fast drying tar or rubber based product for specific wood to wood contact points.